Wild Bird

We sell a wide range of wild bird feed to satisfy all the birds you may get in your garden through the seasons. Along with the Wild Bird Seed Mix here are some of the other feeds we offer


Mealworms are a good source of protein which makes an excellent bird food. They are good for birds all year round but more so in spring due to it being breeding season for most of our wild birds. Mealworms attract a large verity of birds but they are robins and thrushes favourites.

Sunflower hearts

Sunflower hearts are a good source of protein and unsaturated fats. Most of our British birds adore sunflower hearts but they are loved by blackbirds, tits and finches the most.


Peanuts are high in fats and proteins and are a favourite with woodpeckers, tits, finches and nuthatches. Placing peanuts in your garden could also encourage the odd squirrel, if this is a problem we do sell squirrel proof feeders in store.

Nyjer seed

Nyjer seeds are rich in fat  and is a great food to put out in all seasons. They attract birds such as finches, sparrows, doves and many more of the smaller bird species.

We now stock a wider range of Bartholomew's Bird Seeds 

including Pigeon Food and Bedding