Cat & Kitten

We stock a large range of cat products at the pet food warehouse from different brands off feeds to cat scratchers. We’ve just launched our new frozen cat food range from Natural Instinct and it comes in 4 delicious flavours.  


GA Grain Free own label

Our grain free label is a high quality feed at a affordable cost. It contains high amounts of good quality meat mixed with vegetables, fruits and herbs. Due to its high meat content you do have to feed less which makes the food last longer than most others. GA can be feed as a dry biscuit or if left to soak for 20 minutes to 1 hour in boiling water it turns into a wet food. This is an ideal food for a fussy cat due to its high meat content.


Dry Food

Go Cat, Natures Menu, Whiskas, CarniLove, Burns, Applaws, Burgess, Meowing Heads, Royal Canin, James Welbeloved and Science Plan.


Wet Food

We stock many wet foods for your cat, they come in tins and pouches and in gravy and jelly. Wet food brands we stock:

Gourmet Gold, Gourmet Solitare, Meowing Heads, Sheba, Applaws, Royal Canin, James Welbeloved, Science Plan, Natures Menu, CarniLove, Whiskas, Felix and Purina Gourmet.


Frozen Food

We’ve just launched our new frozen cat food range from Natural Instinct and it comes in 4 delicious flavours.  We also stock a small range of Natures Menu Cat.

Cat Litter

We stock a large range of cat litters, litter trays, tray liners and disinfectant. The brands we keep in stock are: Cats Best, Basic Wood Pellet, Pettex, Snowflake, Bio- Catolet, Catsan, Classic and Scnicat. 

Toys and accessories


Cat Scratchers

We stock a small range of cat scratchers both normal and cardboard. Cat scratchers are good for cats to wear their nails down as well as keeping your furniture safe. There good for indoor cats as well as outdoor cats as they keep them from getting bored. Prices range from £5.99 - £44.99



If you’ve got a playful cat we’ve got you covered. We have a good selection of toys to suit older cats as well as younger cats. We have noisy toys and silent toys depending on your cats preference. We stock serval different cat nips to send your cats bonkers.



We do a small selection of collars and all are break away ones to protect your cat when their out on their travels.


Beds/ Carriers

We sell a selection of cat beds and carriers. The pet carriers come in two different sizes small and large.

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