Loyalty Card

Receive one loyalty stamp​
For every £10 spent as a whole.

Collect 10 stamps and get​
£3 off of your next purchase

Conditions of issue

1. Runcton Farm Shop accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen cards.
2. Loyalty stamps are not transferable and must be collected on a single Loyalty card.
3. Cards MUST be presented at time of purchase.
4. Loyalty Stamps will only be issued on every £10.00 as a whole, not part thereof.
5. Loyalty Stamps will not be issued against special offers or reduced stock items.
6. Completed Loyalty Cards may be exchanged for any product of a higher face value on payment of the difference - no change will be given.
7. Employees of Runcton Farm Shop or Pet Food Warehouse may not participate in this Loyalty scheme.
8. Runcton Farm Shop reserve the right to terminate the loyalty scheme by giving 3 months notice.
9 Card not redeemable for cash.